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Tuna Truffle

Tuna Truffle

Creative Sushi

Creative Sushi

Duck w/ Plum Sauce

Duck w/ Plum Sauce


Organic Edamame                            $6.00

Spicy Organic Edamame                  $7.00

Asian Street Fries                              $6.00

coated with sweet chili garlic sauce.

Vegetable Spring Roll                       $7.00

Gyoza                                                  $7.00

Japanese dumplings with your choice

of pork or vegetable. Served steamed 

or pan fried.

Shumai                                               $8.00

Tobikko topped dumplings filled with

ground pork and shrimp.

Crispy Samosa                                   $7.00

Curry ground beef and potato.

Chicken Fingers                                 $9.00

Crab Rangoon                                   $8.00

Crispy Chicken Wings                     $10.00

Chongqing Crispy Chicken            $10.00

Stir-fried chili peppers with fried

chicken chunks.

Malaysian Style Chicken or           $10.00

Beef Teriyaki on Skewers

Served with peanut sauce.

Crispy Calamari                              $10.00

Lightly breaded and fried w/ a 

peppery flavor.

Duck Bao Buns                               $10.00

Hoisin braised duck confit, cucumber

and scallions. Served w/ steamed

fluffy buns.

Beef Negima                                   $10.00

Grilled thin sliced sirloin steak rolled

w/ scallions, asparagus and coated with

teriyaki sauce and sesame seed.

Japanese Seafood Teriyaki           $11.00

Shrimp, salmon, sea scallops and 

vegetables on skewers coated w/

teriyaki sauce.

Shrimp & Vegetable                      $11.00


Thai Style Spare Ribs with            $12.00


Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings      $12.00

Lettuce Wraps w/ Pine Nuts        $13.00

Served w/ your choice of chicken,

shrimp, beef or vegetables.

Lobster Tail & Vegetable              $15.00


Oriental Sampler                          $24.00

A combination of crab rangoon, spring

rolls, beef teriyaki, chicken teriyaki, 

chicken fingers, and shrimp tempura.


Tuna Pizza                                                                          $15.00

Tuna spring mix, onion, olives, jalapeño, & tomatoes.

Salmon Ceviche                                                                 $14.00

Citrus-marinated salmon, shies, avocado, cucumber, & mango.

Topped w/ jalapeño & tomatoes.

Karma Three Layers                                                         $15.00

Torched albacore tuna over spicy crab meat & scallops w/

salmon and scallion on top.

Yellowtail Sashimi w/ Jalapeno                                        $16.00

Most tender sliced yellowtail served with citrus ponzu sauce

& cilantro (mildly spicy).

Summer Hand Roll                                                            $11.00

Thinly sliced cucumber rolled in a cone w/ spicy tuna, avocado,

& tempura crumb on the inside. 

Tuna Taco                                                                           $16.00

Tuna, spicy light mayo, sesame seeds, green onions & wasabi

infused fish roe. Served on crispy chips.

Torched Tuna in a Truffle Tamari                                    $15.00

Sauce or Torched O Toro                                                  $23.00

Bigeye Tune "Poke Style" Chili Ponzu                             $15.00

Spicy Bomb w/ Scallop & Eel                                           $15.00

or Lobster                                                                           $17.00

Albacore tuna wrapped w/ choice of scallop & eel or lobster tail,

tempura style, spicy tuna, avocado w/ tobiko on top.

Tataki                                                                                   $14.00

Choice of tuna or beef. Seared & chilled, sliced over bed of

cucumber, white radish, crispy garlic chips.

Soup & Salad

Miso Soup                                                         $4.00

Hot & Sour Soup                                              $4.00

Hong Kong Crystal Wonton Soup                  $5.00

in a shrimp broth.

Spicy Seafood Miso Soup                               $6.00

Thai Style Tom Yum Soup                               $6.00

Hot and sour broth seasoned with exotic thai herbs,

shrimp, mushrooms, lemongrass & lime juice.

Ginseng Chicken Soup                                  $12.00

With bamboo pith. Health benefits of ginseng aids in reducing stress, relieving symptoms of aging, weight

loss, and preventing diabetes.

Garden Salad w/ Ginger Dressing                                        $6.00

Japanese Seaweed Salad w/                                                  $7.00


Grilled Cauliflower w/ Cilantro Dressing                             $7.00

Thai Papaya Salad                                                                 $10.00

W/ dried shrimp, roasted peanuts, cherry tomatoes in a special

sweet, spicy, sour, lime juice dressing.

Avocado Salad                                                                         $9.00

Avocado, crabmeat, mango, lettuce, tomatoes, tobiko mixed w/ light lemonade dressing.

Tuna Tataki Sashimi Salad                                                   $14.00

Seared sliced tuna w/ spring mix.

Sashimi Ceviche Salad                                                         $15.00

Sliced tuna, salmon, yellowtail w/ cucumber, cherry tomatoes,

orange supreme mixed w/ Karma's signature citrus dressing.

Snow Crab Salad w/ Jalapeño Dressing                             $16.00

Snow crab, mixed green, carrot, cucumber, red radish & micro greens.

       These menu items              are served spicy.



       These menu items              are served raw or              under cooked.

  • Some of the ingredients are not listed in the menu and also might be changed due to seasonal availability. Please check with your server if you have any concerns.

  • Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish and eggs increases your risk of foodborne illness.

Poultry Dishes

Beef Dishes

Chef Kong's Specialties

Chicken w/ choice of ONE of the following:      $13.00

-Broccoli                        -Mushrooms       -Pea Pods

-Ginger & Scallions      -Green Beans      -Mixed Vegetables

General Tso's Chicken                                          $14.00

Deep-fried chicken in a light batter and sautéed in

a mild chili sauce.

Kung Pao Chicken                                                 $13.00

Chicken stir fried w/ vegetables and peanuts.

Asparagus Chicken                                               $14.00

Tangerine Chicken                                                 $14.00

Lightly breaded fried chicken with fresh orange peels

and a mild chili sauce.

Mongolian Chicken                                               $14.00

Sliced chicken w/ scallions and onions served on a 

sizzling plate.

Vegetable Dishes

Pumpkin Tofu                                                          $15.00

Fried silken egg, tofu w/ fresh pumpkin sauce.

Crispy Egg Tofu and Mushroom Medley             $14.00

Sugar Snap Peas                                                     $14.00

Sautéed w/ garlic.

Okra                                                                          $14.00

Sautéed w/ garlic. 

Chinese Broccoli                                                     $12.00

Sautéed w/ garlic & ginger.

Baby Bok Choy                                                        $12.00

Sautéed w/ garlic.

Broccoli                                                                    $11.00

Sautéed w/ garlic sauce.

Sichuan String Beans                                             $11.00

Sichuan Asparagus                                                 $14.00

Ma Po Tofu                                                              $12.00

Sichuan's famous dish of silken or crispy tofu w/


Beef w/ choice of ONE of the following:            $15.00

-Broccoli                        -Mushrooms       -Pea Pods

-Ginger & Scallions      -Green Beans      -Mixed Vegetables

Asparagus Beef                                                     $16.00

Tangerine Beef                                                      $16.00

Lightly breaded fried beef with fresh orange peels

and a mild chili sauce.

Mongolian Beef                                                     $14.00

Sliced beef w/ scallions and onions served on a 

sizzling plate.

Seafood Dishes

Shrimp w/ choice of ONE of the following:      $16.00

-Broccoli                        -Mushrooms       -Pea Pods

-Ginger & Scallions      -Green Beans      -Mixed Vegetables

Crispy Egg Tofu and Seafood                              $17.00

Kung Pao Shrimp                                                 $16.00

Chicken stir fried w/ vegetables and peanuts.

Asparagus Shrimp                                                $17.00

Tangerine Shrimp                                                 $17.00

Lightly breaded fried shrimp with fresh orange peels

and a mild chili sauce.

Crystal Sea Scallops                                              $17.00

Stir-fried with pea pods, carrots, shiitake mushroom 

in light white sauce.

Japanese Kitchen Entrées

Served w/ miso soup, salad, & rice.

Teriyaki Chicken                                                     $17.00

Teriyaki Sirloin Steak                                             $20.00

Teriyaki Salmon                                                      $23.00

Grilled Rack of Lamb                       $36.00

Served w/ basil or black pepper sauce.

Duck w/ Plum Sauce                        $26.00

Roasted duck w/ potatoes & rice wine

steamed w/ plum sauce.

Black Pepper Filet Mignon              $28.00

Crispy Thai Chicken                          $22.00

Deep fried chicken (w/ bone & skin on) 

topped w/ this sliced onion, mango, red & green

pepper in Thai sweet chili sauce.

Cantonese Lobster                           $35.00

Stir-fried fresh lobster w/ ginger & scallion.

Coffee-rubbed Sliced Steak            $24.00

Sliced steak marinated in a coffee rub with

vegetables & served w/ chef's special sauce.

Cereal Butter Prawns                       $28.00

Crispy shell on prawns stir-fried w/ crispy

cereal, curry leaves & butter.

Curry Prawns                                    $28.00

Shell on prawns w/ head cooked

w/ curry paste, lily bulbs & almond.

Grilled Salmon                                  $23.00

Served w/ your choice of basil or 

ginger scallion sauce.

Mango Chicken                                 $16.00

Chicken sautéed w/ fresh mango &

selected vegetables in mango wine sauce.

Golden Pineapple Shrimp               $17.00

Crispy shrimp over chunks of pineapple,

mixed greens & topped w/ sweet walnut

& pineapple flavored mayo sauce.

Mango Shrimp                                  $18.00

Shrimp sautéed w/ fresh mango & selected vegetables in mango wine sauce.

Happy Family                                    $18.00

A combination of stir-fried beef, chicken,

shrimp, sea scallops, & vegetables served 

in a crispy bird's nest. (Bird's nest dine-in only)

Basil Treasure                                   $18.00

Chicken, shrimp, and sea scallops w/

garlic pea pods in brown basil sauce.

Sizzling Sea Scallop/Shrimp           $18.00

w/ vegetables in a spicy garlic sauce.

Noodle Dishes

Pad Thai                                                                                    $14.00

The most famous Thai noodle dish, stir-fried rice noodles with shrimp,

chicken & vegetables topped with ground peanuts.

Hong Kong Chicken Noodle Soup                                        $13.00

Rice stick noodles w/ chicken & vegetables in shrimp broth.

Thai Style Udon Noodle Soup                                               $14.00

Hot & sour broth seasoned w/ exotic Thai herbs, chicken, shrimp, 

mushrooms, lemongrass & lime juice.

Basil Chow Foon                                                                     $13.00

Wide flat noodles stir-fried w/ chicken, shrimp, vegetables & basil. 

Seafood Cantonese Chow Food                                           $26.00

Lobster tail, shrimp, sea scallops & squid stir-fried with wide flat 

noodles & Chinese broccoli in egg white sauce.

Lobster with Udon Noodles                                                  $38.00

Fresh lobster stir-fried w/ ginger, scallions, and udon noodles.

Crispy Angel Hair Noodles                                                     $16.00

Stir-fried beef, chicken, shrimp & vegetables, served on semi-crispy

noodles with gravy.

Stir-fried Thin Noodles 

     Chicken/Beef/Shrimp/Vegetables                                   $12.00

     House Combo                                                                    $13.00

     Seafood Combo                                                                 $15.00

Rice Dishes

Hainanese Chicken with Rice                                                    $18.00

Chicken Rice subtly flavored w/ crispy chicken or steamed chicken w/ 

bone in and skin on, served w/ chef's special soy sauce.

Curried Chicken with Rice                                                          $18.00

Coconut rice flavored w/ cloves & screw pine leaves.

Pineapple Fried Rice                                                                   $15.00

Stir-fried rice with fresh pineapple, chicken, shrimp, vegetables,

egg and basil served i a carved out pineapple.

Basil Fried Rice                                                                            $13.00

Stir-fried rice w/ chicken, shrimp, basil, onions, bell peppers & egg.

Fried Rice 

      Choice of: Chicken/Beef/Shrimp/Vegetables                    $11.00

      House Combo                                                                        $12.00

      Seafood Combo                                                                    $14.00

Steamed Jasmine Rice                                                                  $2.00

Brown Rice                                                                                     $3.00

Sushi Rice                                                                                       $4.00

                       These menu items are served spicy.



                       These menu items are served raw or under cooked.

  • Some of the ingredients are not listed in the menu and also might be changed due to seasonal availability. Please check with your server if you have any concerns.

  • Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish and eggs increases your risk of foodborne illness.

Sushi or Sashimi (Price per piece)

Maguro                              $4.00


Sake                                    $3.00


King Salmon                      $4.00

Hamachi                            $4.00


Madai                                 $4.00

Japanese Snapper

Kaibashira                         $6.00

Hokkaido Scallops

Ika                                       $3.00

Japanese Squid

Saba                                   $3.00

Pickled Mackerel

Tobikko                              $3.00

Flying fish roe. Choice of: 

orange, black, yuzu or wasabi

O Toro                                $9.00

Premium Bluefin Tuna Belly

Uni                                      $7.00

Hokkaido Sea Urchin

Unagi                                  $4.00

Freshwater Eel

Hirame                               $4.00

Korean Fluke

Suzuki                                $3.00

Sea Bass

Albacore Tuna                   $4.00

Snow Crab Leg Meat        $5.00

Trout Roe                           $3.00

Tako                                    $3.00

Cooked Octopus

Ebi                                       $3.00

Cooked Shrimp

Tamago                              $3.00

Japanese Egg Omelet

Avocado                             $2.00

Kanikama                          $2.00

Crab Stick

Hokkigai                             $3.00

Arctic Surf Clam

Smoked Salmon               $4.00

Karma Special Maki

Pineapple Express                                   $21.00

Soy paper wraps with pineapple and cucumber

inside, covered with diced tuna and salmon,

tempura crumb and tobikko.

Super King Spider                                    $24.00

Tempura soft shell crab with shrimp wrapped

in soy paper, covered with real snow crab leg meat.

Seared Hamachi                                      $16.00

Cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo, crumb

covered with yellowtail, black tobikko, sudachi,

and sweet miso dressing.

Rainbow Special Jalapeño                      $16.00

Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado roll

with tuna, salmon, jalapeño and tobikko on top.

Kiss of Fire                                                 $17.00

Soy paper wrapped with cucumber, avocado,

tempura crumb, topped with diced spicy tuna,

salmon and wasabi flavored chili teriyaki dressing.

Baked Salmon                                          $16.00

Mildly spicy crab meat, avocado with a bed

of baked salmon and crunchy sweet potato on top.

Spicy Olivia                                                $18.00

Spicy crab meat, avocado, tempura crumb.

Topped with seared salmon, spring mix and

jalapeño dressing.

Snow Mountain                                        $20.00

Spicy shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado,

covered with real snow crab meat.

Spicy Tuna Tempura w. Volcano            $18.00

Baked spicy scallop, crab meat over the flash

tempura spicy tuna roll.

Scallop Crunch                                  $17.00

Shrimp tempura roll, topped with

chopped up cooked sea scallop and chili aioli.

Tiger's Eye                                          $14.00

Tuna, salmon, avocado, asparagus,

tobikko wrapped up in double layers,

flash tempura fried.

Golden Banana                                  $14.00

Fried banana, eel, sweet potato, mango

and avocado topped with sliced banana,

yuzu tobikko.

Crazy Maki                                          $16.00

Shrimp tempura roll with spicy tuna on

the top.

Spicy Lobster                                     $16.00

Lobster, cucumber, avocado, lettuce,

jalapeño, chili aioli with tempura crumb

and tobikko.

Fusion                                                 $16.00

Albacore tuna, mayo, sweet walnut,

avocado topped with seared tuna and

black tobikko.

Paradise                                              $21.00

Spicy salmon and mango roll with bed of

sliced avocado, spicy snow crab meat on the top.

Seared O Toro                                    $20.00

Asparagus, cucumber, avocado, tempura

crumb, torched with O toro on the top with

tobikko and jalapeño.

Fire Dragon                                        $15.00

Tempura crab stick, cucumber, avocado

roll with spicy tuna and crumb on top.

Classic Rolls (Hand roll is also available)

Spicy Tuna/Salmon/Yellowtail Maki            $8.00

Tuna, salmon or yellowtail mixed with spicy mayo,

tempura crumb, and cucumber.

Shrimp Tempura Maki                                $11.00

Fried shrimp, cucumber, avocado, tobikko, spicy

mayo and sweet soy sauce.

Spider Maki                                                  $13.00

Fried soft shell crab, cucumber, butter lettuce,

avocado, tobikko and spicy mayo.

California Maki                                              $7.00

Crab stick, cucumber, avocado and tobikko.

Rainbow Maki                                              $14.00

California roll topped with sliced tuna, salmon,

yellowtail and avocado.

Caterpillar Maki                                           $14.00

Eel, cucumber, tobikko topped with a layer of

sliced avocado.

Tekka Maki                                                     $7.00

Yellowfin tuna.

Sake Maki                                                       $6.00


Unaavo Maki                                                  $8.00

Eel and avocado.

Salmon Avocado Maki                                  $7.00

Philly Maki                                                      $8.00

Smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado and cream


Kappa Maki                                                    $4.00


Avocado Maki                                                $5.00

Avocado & Cucumber Maki                         $6.00

Idaho Maki                                                     $6.00

Fried sweet potato.

Broccoli Maki                                                 $5.00

Tempura style broccoli.

Sushi Entrées (Includes miso soup and House Salad)

Sashimi Platter                       $32.00

House Special Deluxe Platter                    $35.00

The finest sushi, sashimi, spicy tuna avocado

roll combo from our chef's recommended assortment.

Grand Sushi & Sashimi Platter:

Chef's choice of assorted sushi, sashimi, and special maki.

For 2                                                              $70.00

For 3                                                              $95.00

                 These menu items are served spicy.



                 These menu items are served raw or                            under cooked.

  • Some of the ingredients are not listed in the menu and also might be changed due to seasonal availability. Please check with your server if you have any concerns.

  • Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish and eggs increases your risk of foodborne illness.

Choose 3 sides (from each of the following):

1. Miso Soup / Hot & Sour Soup

2. Crab Rangoon / Chicken Fingers / Vegetable Spring Rolls /               Vegetable Gyoza

3. White Rice / Brown Rice

Chicken                                                         $11.00

1. General Tso's Chicken

2. Kung Pao Chicken

3. Chicken Terriyaki

4. Curry Chicken w. Coconut Rice

5. Hainanese Fried Chicken Drumstick

Seafood                                                        $13.00

1. Shrimp w. Green Beans

2. Salmon Terriyaki

3. Seafood Combo

4. Crystal Sea Scallops w. Pea Pods

Beef                                                               $12.00

1. Beef Terriyaki

2. Mongolian Beef

3. Tangerine Beef

4. Beef w. Broccoli

5. Black Pepper Beef

Vegetables                                                    $10.00

1. Ma Po Tofu (Silken or Crispy)

2. Broccoli w. Garlic Sauce

3. Sichuan Green Beans

4. Baby Bok Choy

Lunch Combo

Other Lunch Options

Noodles $9.00

1. Basil Chow Foon

2. Hong Kong Style Chicken Noodle Soup (Shrimp Broth)

3. Tom Yum Noodle Soup

4. Pad Thai Combo

Sushi Luncheon (Served with miso soup and salad)

Great $16.00

-White Fish Ceviche or Tuna Poke

-Sashimi 3 Pieces (Tuna, Salmon, and Yellowtail)

-Sushi 3 Pieces (Tuna, Salmon, and Yellowtail)

-California Maki or Spicy Tuna Maki

Grand $21.00

-Tuna Sashimi Salad

-Sashimi 3 Pieces (King Salmon, Tuna, and Baby Yellowtail)

-Sushi 3 Pieces (Made, King Salmon, Tuna)

-Shrimp Tempura Maki

Karma Lunch

Served until 3:00 pm. Lunch is not available on Sundays or Holidays.

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